Uniforms & Vehicles

The uniform may say Bayside Security, but our Security Officers are representing more than just our company they are representing our clients as well. The public doesn't see the “Bayside Security Officer” they see the “Smith Apartment Complex Security Officer” or the “Apple Shopping Center Security Officer.” Our image is not only important to our company, but to yours as well. We make sure our officers are properly trained before they begin working, and we make sure they look the part when working.

Think about it, a Security Officer that looks sloppy, is unshaven, and is wearing a uniform that doesn't fit properly or is wearing it incorrectly instantly conveys the image of a sub-quality and untrained officer, even though they may be highly trained and experienced. Compare this to a Security Officer that is well groomed, in a properly fitting uniform that is cleaned and pressed - this conveys an image of a authority and well trained Security Officer, even though they may have only been on the job for one day.

"Power perceived, is power achieved"

If you perceive our Security Officers as being alert, knowledgeable, and capable of handling any situation then that alone may prevent problems from every occurring. The image the Security Officer portrays is just as important as anything else they do.


Class A Uniform

The Class A uniform is the primary uniform worn by our Security Officers, Security Supervisors, and Managers when working at clients sites. The general officer uniform is a gray shirt, black pants with gray stripes down each leg, our company patch on each arm, a numbered badge on the left chest, a name tag on the right chest, and rank insignia's on the collar. The supervisor/manager uniform is a black shirt, gray pants with black stripes down each leg, our company patch on the left arm only, a numbered badge on the left chest, a name tag on the right chest, and rank insignia's on the collar.

General Officer Winter

General Officer Summer

Supervisor/Manager Winter

Supervisor/Manager Summer

Class B Uniform

The class b uniform is issued to all supervisors and those general officers as needed. They are worn when clients require a more casual uniform or at those sites that deemed appropriate by BSPS management. The general officer uniform has the company patch screen printed on the left chest and the officer wears their numbered badge on the belt. The supervisor/manager uniform has the supervisors or managers badge embroidered on the left chest and they wear the actual badge on the belt.


General Officer

Specialized Uniforms

Our specialized uniforms are worn when requested or when operating with a specialized unit.

High Visibility/Bike Patrol Uniform

(without jacket)

High Visibility/Bike Patrol Uniform

(with jacket)

Motorcycle Uniform

Motorcycle Uniform

Uniform Patch & Badges

Uniform Sleeve Patch

General Officer Chest and Hat Badge

Supervisor/Manager Chest and Hat Badge

Patrol Vehicles