Law Enforcement Training

Bayside Security has partnered with a local Delaware Police Department for training!

In 2012, Bayside Security Patrol was offered the exclusive opportunity by the Chief of Police of a local Delaware Police Department to attend their seasonal police officers academy. We were offered this opportunity as a result of the professionalism of our security officers and our own extensive training standards already in place.

Each year since 2012 we have sent a group of officers to the summer academy where they receive 30 plus hours of police level training, training that is recognized by the Council on Police Training. This training gives our officers the amazing opportunity to not only further their knowledge so that they can provide an even higher caliber of services to our clients, but also allows them to better understand what challenges and limitations Police Officers face in society today.

Our officers are taught by police instructors in a variety of topics. These topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Code of Conduct
  • Communications
  • Courtesy and Discipline
  • Courtroom Procedures
  • Criminal Code
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Drug Interdiction Patrol Officers
  • Identification Fraud
  • Laws of Arrest / Search and Seizure
  • Patrol Procedures
  • Report Writing
  • Sexual Assault
  • Verbal Judo

This is an amazing learning opportunity for our Security Officers, but the training received DOES NOT give our Security Officers any additional authority. The employees and Security Officers of Bayside Security Patrol are NOT police officers and have NO police powers.