Training Services

Bayside Security Patrol offers training services in various topics/disciplines to individuals, groups, and companies outside of our agency. Graduates of any course offered will receive certificates of completion and/or wallet certification cards to show proof of training. All training classes offered are approved and recognized by the Delaware State Police, Division of Professional Licensing for use as a Security Officer in Delaware. Some of these courses are also recognized outside of Delaware as well.

Available Courses

  • OCAT (pepper spray) – Two Year Certification

  • PATH (handcuffing) – Two Year Certification

  • PPBT (expandable and straight baton) – Two Year Certification

  • Delaware 40-Hour Firearms Training (required to obtain a DE Firearms Security License)

  • Annual Re-Certification for the 40-Hour Firearms Training.

  • Concealed Weapons Training (required to obtain a DE CCDW license)

Basic Course Requirements

  • Must be currently employed in the Public Safety Industry (i.e. security officer, bail enforcement agent, bouncer, fire/ems services, etc). This does not apply for CCDW or the 16-Hour Security Officer training classes.

  • Minimum class size of two people with a maximum of twenty people for all courses except firearms.

  • Minimum class size of two people with a maximum of eight for firearms training.

  • Must have the firearm that you will be qualifying with prior to beginning training for any firearms class.

  • Must be able to meet the physical demands of the training, as applicable.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing is based on the class or class’s desired, total number of trainees, and if the training will be held at our location(s) or if we will be traveling to you. We offer classes on a semi-regular basis or can schedule a class for just your group/organization.

Discounted rates are available for multiple training classes or for groups/organizations.

Training facilities are available through Bayside Security throughout the state or we can travel to you if you have adequate facilities. For firearms training we have access to ranges in Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.

Contact our offices and ask for the Training Supervisor, for more details or to schedule a class. or 302-384-6542