Corporal Perez Memorial

"What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal."

Albert Pike

Corporal Luzberto Torres Perez

September 13, 1929 to November 21, 2013

Bayside Security Patrol honors the memory of one of our own.

Corporal Perez was the first officer hired at Bayside Security and worked in both full and part time roles during his tenure. He had retired as a machine worker from the DuPont Company in the early 90’s and then began his security career in 1998 at a local Delaware Security Company where he worked under Colonel Wilson, the Vice President of Operations at that company. Corporal Perez and Colonel Wilson developed a professional and personal friendship while they worked together and Corporal Perez worked for Colonel Wilson at different security companies ever since. It was only appropriate that Corporal Perez be the first Officer hired at Bayside Security following his flawless career under the supervision of Colonel Wilson. In 2012 after working for over 60 years of his life Corporal Perez decided that it was finally time to retire and spend more time with his family. He passed away at home after a brief stay at St. Francis Hospital in Wilmington. He is survived by his wife, children, many grandchildren, and step grandchildren.

Corporal Perez was always so strong; in mind, heart, and physical strength. He cared about everyone and was afraid of no one. He had the respect of each and every one of his fellow Officers at Bayside Security, in addition to many clients. He was one of the hardest workers we ever had and his dedication to Bayside Security is surpassed by no one. In the six years that Corporal Perez worked for Bayside Security prior to his retirement he never called out once and was always 20-30 minutes early for every shift. He gave 110% to each and every shift and every client. He was specifically requested by multiple clients to work their sites and never let them down. His work ethic and performance is to this very day a standard that we all at Bayside Security try to strive for. Corporal Perez was missed following his retirement and will be deeply missed in his passing.

Adiós mi amigo, que realmente se puede perder por todos.

Retirement of Badge Number 103

On January 1, 2014 the current management and supervisory staff of Bayside Security unanimously voted to retire badge number 103 which was first issued to Corporal Perez upon his hire in 2007. Corporal Perez chose badge number 103 and in recognition of his dedication and performance during his tenure we have retired this badge number. Badge number 103 will never be worn by any other Officer at Bayside Security Patrol.

Corporal Luzberto Perez Exceptional Service Memorial Award

The award is gold plated with black on the left and gray on the right to incorporate Bayside Security's three main colors.In the center the actual award will display number 103.

In honor of Corporal Perez’s dedication to not only Bayside Security Patrol and our clients, but also to the private security industry as a hole, on January 1, 2014 Bayside Security Patrol created the Corporal Luzberto Perez Exceptional Service Memorial Award.

Those Officers that demonstrate dedication to the company, there fellow Officers, and the security industry as a hole in addition to overall performance while employed at BSPS and in the public safety industry are eligible for this special honor. An Officer that is awarded this honor has surpassed all others and has excelled in their position and is a leader and example to all others working in public safety. This award presented by Colonel James F. Wilson, Sr. based on his sole review of an Officers performance.

Officers that receive this honor are awarded with a plaque, luncheon, award ribbon to be worn on their uniform, in addition to paid time off and other gifts. Those Officers that have earned this honor are shown on a plaque in our Headquarters location.