Quality Assurance

It all starts with the employee selection process, it continues with their training, and then there is the customized services we offer to our clients, but it can’t just stop there. After Bayside Security is awarded services by a client what happens next? To ensure that our clients always receive the best possible security services available in Delaware we have extensive support system in place. Both the clients and our officers needs must be supported throughout our entire relationship. Satisfied clients, well informed Security Officers, and an extensive support structure is what leads to both a rewarding and long term relationship. Just another way we try to live up to our motto of “Protection at its Finest.”

Management Support

Our management team is here to help anyway we can, and that is not just what we say, it is what we do. After signing the service agreement and before we ever even start to provide the security services at your property, each client is assigned to a member of our management team. This manager will be your single point of contact and can address any needs you may have. They can answer your questions, direct the Security Officers working your property to patrol or check on a certain area, or even attend community meetings, board of director meetings, or tenant meetings to talk about what we do. Should the member of management you are assigned not be able to answer a question for you, they will find the answer for you. It’s not our client’s responsibility to make multiple phone calls or talk to multiple people, it’s ours.

Don’t you just hate calling one of your service vendors and you have to wait on hold to talk to someone, or be transferred multiple times to get the right person, or better yet have to go through an automated system just to get a person? This doesn’t happen with Bayside Security. You are provided with the direct office phone number for the manager your assigned, their email address, and even their cell phone number so that you always have direct access.

Field Supervisors

To ensure our Security Officers have the support they need when working our clients properties we have field supervisors on duty seven days a week. They are available to assist our officers in any way they may need it from providing advise on a situation, conducting on the job refresher training, or even responding and providing back up at no additional cost to the clients. Additionally, the supervisors check on the officers each shift to ensure that they are prepared for the shift and have all the materials they need. The supervisors also complete random uniform and appearance inspections of the officer each shift to ensure that they always have a professional appearance. Although we have complete faith that our professional and highly trained Security Officers could work unsupervised, the field supervisor is that peace of mind to both our clients and the management team that the job is getting done correctly 100% of the time. The field supervisors frequently checks on the Security Officers under their command to ensure that rounds are being completed and that the officers are safe. It is the added support our officers count on and need when working in the field.

Flexible Scheduling

Just because a schedule looks good on paper and sounds good in theory, does not always mean it will work once the Security Officers begin to patrol the property. Additionally, the criminal or problem element that you want the Security Officers to combat and deter can learn a security schedule very quickly and then change the times they come to the property to cause trouble or commit crimes.

With Bayside Security’s flexible scheduling we can adjust your scheduled hours for dedicated service or adjust the times we complete mobile patrol hits on an as needed basis. We can change the schedule from month to month, week to week, or even day to day. This will keep the criminal or problem element confused and can help better combat the problems by never setting a pattern.


Accountability of the Security Officer and what they do when working a clients property is not only important to Bayside Security, but to our clients as well. We both need to know when the Security Officers made their rounds and any issues that they were involved in or became aware of during the shift. This could be as simple as a light fixture that is out and needs repaired to a crime that occurred on the property. To ensure that everyone is aware of what our Security Officers do with their time on a client’s property they complete a detailed Client Property Check Report for each shift. These reports outline every round or property check completed, any safety issues like lights out or tripping hazards, or any police/fire/ems activity on the property during the officer’s shift. You can rest assured that our officer’s reports are always accurate and truthful as Title 24, Section 1334 of Delaware Law makes it illegal to falsify any security report or document. The completed reports are emailed over to any contact requested by client within four hours after the completion of the shift. There is no need to decipher handwritten reports or log into a separate system to view the report either. Your nightly security report is waiting in your email inbox at the start of your day. You can review it and file it or easily forward it off to the maintenance team to fix that light out or the legal team for the crime that may have happened on the property.

Below are three different reports you can review to see exactly how they look and the information they contain. These are actual reports from actual clients that have given us permission to share the reports with you. To ensure confidentiality and that we are not releasing any personal or propriety information we have had to black out some information on the reports.

Dispatch Operations Center

Our Dispatch Operations Center is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The trained and certified security dispatchers are available to assist our clients or the residents and tenets of the properties we service. As much as the police departments want to say that you can call 911 anytime and a Police Officer will be right out, we know it is not always a reality. Police have to prioritize the calls they receive and a loud TV or illegally parked vehicle may not get a police response for a while, this is where our Dispatch Operations Center comes in. The dispatcher can take the call from our properties and then direct the Security Officer to the problem to assist if they are on duty. Sometimes our Security Officers can combat the nuisance problems that exist and the residents or tenets can get scarification quickly versus waiting for a police response. This also allows the police to stay available for more serious crimes. Additionally, our Dispatch Operations Center is available to help with requests for emergency coverage from both current or new clients as well as being available to existing clients with information about what is going on at their property at any given time, day or night.

Our dispatchers are also responsible for ensuring that our Security Officers are on duty, on time. Each Security Officer must call in by radio or phone and report on duty to the Dispatch Operations Center. Our dispatches computer software tracks each Security Officer and alerts the dispatcher when and officer is not logged as being on duty. Additionally, our dispatchers act as a back up to the road supervisors by checking on the officers when they are dealing with an incident or at the minimum of every hour to ensure that they are safe and that conditions at our clients properties are exactly as they should be. Our Dispatchers act as a life line for our officers in the field by helping them get the right people to the right place when they need them. This could be additional Bayside Security Officers, the police, fire services, or EMS.

GPS Tracking

Sometimes our clients or even Bayside Security itself needs that extra level of assurance that the job is getting done, for those times we can install a system that tracks our officers via a GPS style system. Maybe the property is in a very remote area and the officer works unsupervised or maybe certain doors/areas need to be checked or locked at a certain time and there needs to be that extra level of assurance the officer was there when they where suppose to be. Whatever the reason may be we can track both our officers and vehicles with this system. This system can be installed at any property and will generate reports detailing exact times and location of the officer throughout their shift. These reports can not be altered and can be provided to our clients on a regular basis or as needed. Although we have complete faith in our officers and their ability to do their jobs correctly 100% of the time, this system can be that little extra piece of mind that a client or even BSPS itself may need. Contact a member of our management team for a demonstration of the system and its reports. In some cases an extra price is assessed with this system, our management team will be happy to provide you a pricing quote, if applicable, during the demonstration.