About Us

Bayside Security Patrol Services, Inc. (BSPS) started with the personal savings and home computer that the founder, Colonel James F. Wilson, Sr, stationed in a small office in his home basement. There was no money for a traditional office, or much of anything. There was no one but Colonel Wilson to answer the phone, no staff, no clients and no guarantee of success. To say the least, resources were limited, but the dream and the drive to achieve excellence in the security industry where not. Colonel Wilson had over 25 years of experience in upper level management of security companies, but felt that it was time to embark on his own endeavor. He saw the need for a security company that focused more on providing professional, well trained, and experienced Security Officers, and not just “bodies in a uniform” that worked for the lowest rate possible. He also saw the need to have a security company that was able to provide "hands on" and involved Security Officers that truly wanted to solve problems and not just observe and report. Colonel Wilson, the only manager and only full time employee, worked tirelessly to grow the agency and outperform others in the industry through skill, training, professionalism, and perseverance.

From the very beginning BSPS sought out to accept challenging security assignments in troubled apartment communities of New Castle County, Delaware. It turned out, there were many of them in the area and they desperately wanted help. These problem and sometimes crime-ridden communities had tried it all: off-duty police officers, major name private security firms, smaller security firms, but none provided any real or lasting reduction in the problems or crime the community experienced day after day. With other security agencies focusing on low risk and high profit accounts, these communities seemed all but forgotten. BSPS accepted the challenge and approached the job with strategy and confidence, considering it a mission to solve problems rather than just a post to watch. Instead of monitoring gatehouses and policing residents, BSPS employed a community based patrol that included networking with residents, especially children and families, and working closely with the owners and managers of the communities and the local police agencies. It worked, and the results were quickly apparent. Police calls to the communities declined and occupancy of the units was on the rise. As word spread, one community turned into two, and then three and soon BSPS’s fate was sealed as the agency that would become known for doing more than simply “observe and report,” which is still the industry standard today. BSPS was providing not just security, but security solutions that ultimately helped rebuild these communities. BSPS had found a niche in the security industry, communities and neighborhoods, but that was not enough for our founder. He wanted to take the same approach and same strategies to commercial properties, businesses, and retail stores. It wasn't just communities that could benefit from a “hands on” security company, everyone could. BSPS continued to seek out both troubled communities and trouble free communities in additional to businesses and retail properties. We sought to not only help the communities in trouble, but to help keep those communities not in trouble stay that way. BSPS partnered with property management companies, homeowners associations, and condominium associations throughout the state and has grown that area of our business steadily; helping communities one at a time.

Original Security Officers badge (left) and Supervisors badge (right).

Used from 2007 until 2011.

Original Bayside patrol car with original graphics used until 2013

By 2008 BSPS had outgrown the office in Colonel Wilson’s home and was now employing multiple professional Security Officers throughout the state. There was also a need to add in some support to the management structure, which up until this point had just been Colonel Wilson himself. Brandon Habron, who had been working for BSPS since the very beginning as a part-time supervisor and had previously worked for Colonel Wilson as a senior supervisor at another security agency, became the company’s first member of the management team. Habron, who had over ten years of experience in the public safety sector at the time, was assigned the rank of Captain and the title of Operations Manager. He was responsible for overseeing field operations and became beneficial in the continued growth of BSPS. That same year BSPS moved into the office we still occupy today, although it had a lot of empty and unused rooms back then. In early 2009 BSPS was finally able to take our problem solving and hands on security approach to the retail industry by partnering with a national security company that sub contracts work to local area vendors. The national company works as the middle man between large national retail vendors and local security companies. We quickly showed them our approach to security and solving problems and became their preferred and primary vendor in Delaware. Over the years our approach to security has spread like wildfire through the national security vendors and has allowed us the amazing opportunity to have provided security to over 200 retail locations throughout the state.

Our headquarters in Wilmington, DE.

(L-R) Major Habron, Cardinal Njue of Kenyan, Colonel Wilson

BSPS is ever evolving and by the end of 2009 our growth reached heights requiring a big change, together with Colonel Wilson, Captain Habron opened BSPS’s first branch office in Lewes Beach, Delaware. BSPS wanted to be able to provide local, community based and invested, security services throughout the State of Delaware. Captain Habron and Colonel Wilson continued to promote BSPS hands on and problem solving approach to security and opened a field office in Camden, DE just a year later in 2010. With these three offices BSPS became the only security company in Delaware that had a local investment in each and every county of Delaware, we were now truly able to provide local security services throughout the entire state. By mid 2013 BSPS had grown to be a leader in the security industry of Delaware with the respect of not only private companies and businesses, but of local police departments as well. With all this growth and success we had the need to grow yet again. Captain Habron was promoted to the rank of Major and became BSP’s Director of Operations, which allowed us to add in two new Operations Managers positions. We now have a Captain/Operations Manager for our Northern (New Castle County) and Southern (Kent and Sussex County) Patrol Units in addition to a host of field supervisors and senior officers.