General Training

At Bayside Security we believe that one of the key components to providing exceptional security services to our clients is the training the Security Officers receive. A well trained Security Officer provides a higher level of service to the public and our clients versus a Security Officer with little or no training at all.

Bayside Security Patrol is not in the business to provide “bodies in uniform”; we provide quality and professional Security Officers.

In 2008 the Delaware State Police, Division of Professional Licensing mandated that all security companies in Delaware teach a basic Security Officer training course that consisted of a minimum of 16 hours of class room training in various topics. Prior to this mandate the training of Security Officers in Delaware varied from agency to agency, some agencies provided adequate training, while others provided little or no training at all. When Bayside Security opened its doors in 2007 we made a commitment to both ourselves and our clients to always provide a well trained Security Officers. Even before the 2008 mandate by the Delaware State Police, Bayside Security had been teaching a 40 hour Security Officer course before assigning our officers to any client’s site. In addition to initial class room training, our officers go through field training at the site they are assigned and continuing education classes throughout the year. 

Class Room Training

Bayside Security’s class room training consists of five, eight hour days. During these training days each new Security Officer, regardless if they already have their State of Delaware security license, learns the basics of providing security services to our clients. The course covers both those training topics mandated by the Delaware State Police as well as Bayside Security’s self-imposed training. 

State of Delaware Mandated Training:

Additional Training Topics:

Training Testing and Certification

After completing the class room training those Security Officers that do not already have their State of Delaware security license must then obtain that license, without this license a person is not allowed to work  at a Delaware security company as a Security Officer. After successful completion of the training class the potential Security Officer must go to one of the four Delaware Technical and Community College locations and take a 50 question exam. These 50 questions are picked at random out of a set of 150 questions and administered in a proctored exam to the potential Security Officer. This exam ensures that security companies are teaching the Security Officers all the required material mandated by law. After successful completion of the exam the potential Security Officer can then apply for their security license through the Delaware State Police, Division of Professional Licensing.

Field Training

After completing the class room training, passing the training exam (if applicable), and obtaining a security license (if applicable) the Security Officer is then assigned to a client’s site to begin working. However, before being able to work a client’s site alone or without constant supervision the Security Officer must receive field training that includes, but is not limited to, the expectations of the job site, procedures, rules and regulations. While learning what is expected at the job site the Security Officer is also able to apply what they learned in the classroom in real life applications. This training is administered by a tenured Bayside Security Officer known as a Field Training Officer. The Field Training Officer has to have personally worked at the client’s site on a regular basis and is experienced with all of the requirements and expectations of the site. Field training can last a few days, a week, or even a month depending on the complexity of the job site and the experience of the Security Officer.

Continuing Education

Once every quarter Bayside Security holds continuing education classes. These classes are designed to keep an officer’s skills sharp and knowledge up-to-date. The topics vary from class to class and are chosen by our training and management team. We retrain on material already taught or train on new ideas or topics, as needed.

Additionally, every Security Officer must retake the full 40 hour class room training once every five years when they renew their security license. After completing the class room training, and before applying for their security license renewal, all Security Officers must now take and pass the 50 question exam administered by the Delaware Technical and Community College.

FEMA Independent Study Courses

In addition to the state mandated and in house training that each Security Officer receives all of our officers are also certified in a verity of Federal Emergency Management Training independent study courses. These courses, when combined with our other training classes, give our officers that additional knowledge and skill set to provide the best possible services to our clients and live up to our motto of "Protection at its Finest".

FEMA courses include the following areas of study: