Our Staff

The Management Team

Bayside Security Management Team has over 100 years of combined experience in the security and law enforcement fields.

Colonel James F. Wilson, Sr.



After gaining over 30 years of experience in the Investigation, Security and Public Safety sectors Colonel Wilson decided to embark on his own endeavor and opened Bayside Security Patrol in 2007. Colonel Wilson started his security career in 1984 and has served in various roles at the three different security companies over the years, which include Field Supervisor, Operations Manager, Director of Operations, and Vice President. He is also a seasoned instructor with over 20 years of experience teaching a variety law enforcement related techniques and courses, including but not limited to, firearms, handcuffing, baton, pepper spray, and defensive tactics. In addition to working in the security field Colonel Wilson has been a volunteer firefighter/EMS staffer for over 23 years, served as a state Fire Police Officer for 14 years, and is a life member of the Holloway Terrace Fire Company. Colonel Wilson has been a certified agent for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania since 1994 and a licensed Bail Enforcement Agent in Delaware since 2000. He has dedicated his entire life to the safety and protection of others. The Colonel is also a graduate of the Dewey Beach Police Seasonal Police Officers Academy where he received over 30 hours of police level training and certifications and has been recognized by the Superior Court of the State of Delaware as an expert witness for private security and security services. Colonel Wilson strives to provide all officers under his command with the most up to date instruction and certifications available to ensure all clients are receiving the most professional and thoroughly trained Security Officers available in the industry today. Having over 30 years of experience under his belt as of 2014, Colonel Wilson tries to personally mentor each staff member and pass on his knowledge and real life experiences in the security field to the young and up-in-coming security professionals to ensure that our clients and the security industry always have the best we can give them.

In his free time Colonel Wilson enjoys spending time with his wife Cheryl of 30 years, his grandson Cayden, riding his Harley Davidson Fat Boy, and collecting police badges from all over the country and world. He is also an avid dog lover having two German Shepherd's (Harley and Gunner) and one Rottweiler (Roxy). Colonel Wilson is a life long resident of New Castle County, Delaware.

Captain William Tyndall ( recently Retired )

Southern Patrol Commander


Captain Tyndall joined Bayside Security in 2012 after gaining over 40 years of experience in the public safety and security industries. With his vast experience and wealth of knowledge Captain Tyndall started his career with Bayside Security as the Patrol Commander (a Lieutenant's position and the highest ranking field supervisor position at BSPS) of the Southern Patrol Unit. Captain Tyndall wasted no time after joining the team getting to work growing Bayside Security's business in the Southern Patrol. In just a year's time Captain Tyndall nearly tripled the client base and brought multiple new officers onto the team. In 2013 Captain Tyndall was promoted to his current rank and position and became a member of the management team in recognition of his outstanding performance. Prior to joining Bayside Security Captain Tyndall served as a decorated Deputy Sheriff in Maryland from 1974 to 1981, as one of the original Police Officers in Dewey Beach Delaware from 1981 to 1982, and has been working in the private security industry in Sussex County since 1983. Captain Tyndall is also a United States Navy veteran serving from 1971 to 1974 where he was attached to multiple units, including what is now known as the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS). In addition to his law enforcement and military services Captain Tyndall is also an experienced firefighter and EMS staffer, currently volunteering with the Mid-Sussex Rescue Company of Sussex County, Delaware. As the Operations Manager he is responsible for supervising our southern branch office, overseeing field operations, and assisting the Director of Operations with administrative duties. In addition to Captain Tyndall's office work he also frequently works at job sites to ensure that we are always meeting the needs of our clients. As a lifelong resident of Sussex County, Captain Tyndall has gotten to know not only the area, but the people as well. His experience and knowledge has proven vital in the overall success of Bayside Security.

In his free time Captain Tyndall enjoys spending time with his wife Debbie of 9 years and his four daughters Kristy Lynn, Laura, Shelly, and Becky.