Bayside Security is a full service security company with the ability to meet and exceed the needs and requests for security services from any property, business, or person in the State of Delaware. We are licensed by the Delaware State Police as well as being fully insured and bonded.

Here at Bayside Security we make an investment into each of our clients. We don’t want to be seen as just another vendor, we want to become a part of the property, business, or community. We do this by offering fully customized security services for each individual client. Every client, from the large corporations to the smallest operation, is vitally important to our agency and treated as such. It is our vision and belief that if we work together as a team instead of against each other we can place ourselves in a position to accomplish more and be much more successful in the safety and security of your property.

We offer two types of basic services that can be molded for almost every type of security need and still individualized to each client.

Stationary Security Services (Dedicated Officer)

Available both with and without a BSPS patrol vehicle.

This type of service is available for communities, shopping centers, office buildings, commercial properties, schools, health care facilities, special events, and much more. With this service a Security Officer or Officers are assigned to the property and patrols by foot, BSPS patrol vehicle, works in a guard house or at a security station, or uses a client provided patrol vehicle to make their rounds. It is an effective way to deter criminal activity and ensure safety of the property, its visitors, and staff with highly visible uniformed Security Officers.

Mobile Patrol Services

Do you just need the occasional security patrol to come through and check your property, do you feel your property is too small to have a dedicated Security Officer, or are you working on a limited budget? If so then this is the service for you. With mobile patrol services a Security Officer comes to the property and patrols as needed; however, after they complete the patrol they leave until the time its for the next patrol. The Officer can spend up to 30 minutes on the property and can secure doors/gates, check interiors, and patrol as needed. The patrols can be done at specific times or completely randomized. With this service you can have security over an extended period without the cost of a dedicated Officer.

Types of Security Services Available

With these two types of services we can meet just about any client need. However, even if a security service is not listed here, we are still able to provide it. Call us today for a free security consolation and price quote.

Types of Security Services Available:

  • Armed and Unarmed Officers
  • Uniformed or Plain Clothes
  • Stationary and Mobile Patrol Services
  • Short Term, Long Term, and Emergency Service Coverage
  • Community Oriented Security for:
    • Mulit-Family Residential Communities
    • Home Owners’ Associations
    • Neighborhoods
  • Retail and Shopping Center Security
  • Office Building or Office Complex Security
  • Security for Schools or Universities
  • Security for Hospitals and Health Care Facilities
  • Security for Hotels or Resorts
  • Special Event Security
  • Sporting Event Security
  • Construction Site Security
  • Guard House or Reception Desk Style Security
  • Security for Storage Unit Facilities
  • Security for Private Parties, Social Gatherings, Weddings, Receptions, and Dances
  • VIP or Body Guard Style Protection
  • Bank and Employee Escorts
  • Alarm Response Services
  • Security Consulting
  • Seasonal Coverage
  • And much, much more

Pricing and Contract Terms

Because we customize our services to each individual client our prices are based on the length of the services desired, total number of Officers, and total number of hours worked. We always keep our rates competitive and can personalize a quote just for you, call us today!

NO LONG TERM CONTRACTS REQUIRED!! We want our clients to stay with Bayside Security because of our expert and quality service. We only ask that you sign a service agreement that outlines our various terms and conditions, which in some cases can also be customized to your needs. You can cancel services with very little notice; however our hope is that it never comes to that.

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