Special Services

Bike Patrol Team

Bayside Security is one of only a few security companies to offer bicycle patrol services to our clients. This service is available at just about any property and is a great visual deterrent to crime or issues on your property. Security Officers riding bikes are more approachable then when in a vehicle and can cover more ground in less time than a traditional foot patrol. The officers wear a highly visible and distinctive uniform while using the bikes and are professionally trained on their use.

Special Operations Team (SOT)

Our special operations team is group of Security Officers that are specially trained on how to handle large crowd special events, crisis situations, situations where there is the potential for large number of intoxicated persons to be present, or any other event that is not part of the normal scope of a Security Officers duties. These officers are available with limited notice and for a short or long term duration.

Some of the Services the SOT is used for:

  • Carnivals or Fairs
  • Concerts
  • Private Parties, Social Gatherings, Weddings, Receptions, and Dances
  • Labor Strike Control
  • Employee Termination Escorts
  • Share Holder Meetings
  • Heightened Levels of National Security
  • Properties near Colleges or University's where there is an increased chance for large parties and/or heavy intoxication.